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What did you do TO your Cruze today?

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Post what you did to er and maybe even a picture to accompany it.

Today I just washed it and did a quick wax job. It was pretty dirty from about 5 commutes to work!
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Blacked out logos and ordered replacement passenger side front window.. rock from lawn mowing.... sigh... at least it didn't hit my wife's tahoe, more yelling involved there.
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Took door panel off inside to prep for replacing glass that my lawn mower decided it didn't like..
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This is an add on to my other window post...

After receiving a notice that the window I was waiting on for two weeks, was broken at the fedex facility....wait for it... this is after I had taken out the broken window to prep for the glass that was supposed to be delivered later that day. We are heading to the track this weekend with a two hour drive, didn't want to drive the whole way there and back with an open window. made a window out of plexiglas.... used the tint off of the broken window... it fit perfectly... even put it in the clips on it to the window regulator.. surprise.. surprise It works up and down just like the real window. you can see it flex when you slam another door
A question, I had dots of I thought antifreeze on my transmission cooler lines… from when I worked on the oil cooler. was that actually tranny fluid? Explain sweating please.
yep those transcooler lines are infamous for leaking mine literally were rusting order them now while you still have time. they are not that hard to do. depending on how long they have been leaking after you fix it and fill the car to the correct level you will be suprised at how well it shifts all of a
Unless you own a diesel. They're a freaking nightmare on the diesel.
I have a 2014 diesel .. I wasn't that bad.. it was easier when I took the battery out though
I guess this fits under what I did to my cruze today..
Today I ran my diesel cruze down the front straight at summit point watching my speed hit 110 with the hard right coming up in less than 200 feet... And my instructor still yelling don't let up.. talk about pucker factor..
Brake cooling ducts for track and new higher temp hawk pads. Have two weeks to shake it out before vir. Wot. Wot
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Is that safe?
Safe??? I'm driving this car way beyond what it's supposed to be .. lol.. all kidding aside.. the brake pads I'm sure of. I just need to have a lot of cycles of my wheels back and forth to make sure something isn't bound up or a stress point I didn't see before with the ducts the mounts are solid and won't go anywhere the hose routing us the only unknown. At regular speeds I should find a problem before it becomes an issue. I just check for rub marks on quick short trips and listen for odd rubbing sounds. Track speeds will have a lot less warning.
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