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What did you do TO your Cruze today?

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Post what you did to er and maybe even a picture to accompany it.

Today I just washed it and did a quick wax job. It was pretty dirty from about 5 commutes to work!
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Nothing big installed the clear marker lights in the bumper.. putting together a plan to go get @Blasirl trunk lid and wing for my car :p
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Well didnt get to do anything to mine but Carbon wrapped a co workers Emblems for him. helped him confirm he needs a new VC gasket and probably a cruze kit. Hooked up the used Autocal I picked up and working on trying to figure out the dashboard layout for logging
Changed her shoes, changed out the antennae though I want to get a shark fin and working on the ZZP Big wheel manifold VHT coating .. Should be baking it

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Began the bake of the Downpipe and exhaust manifold VHT Silver coated . Taped off everything that shouldn't be coated as well as covered the stainless flex and the ZZP logo so they will still be bare.

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What's up with your downpipe, Pat? Is that how they sell them now? Mine is one piece without the flex.
Thats how it came . my only guess is they were havig issues with the solid pipe.. No idea to be ya got me worried hope I didnt get a sonic one or some other weird difference..

oh ****! How long you have to bake it for? That's clean. Was the turbo brand new?
250 for 30 minutes.. 30 miute cool 400 30 minutes and cool 30 then 600 for 30 and cool..
yep its the brand new manifold from the V3 and downpipe preventative coat should keep the rust at bay ..
Makes sense. You need flex somewhere in the exhaust system for motor movement. I just did the down pipe but my stock exhaust has a flex underneath the motor.. shouldn't hurt anything .. If I decide to do other exhaust work later I can go solid on the midpipe. I'll have to see how this setup sounds before I decide which way I'm going .
Well I didn't do it but someone vented my windshield for me on my way to work this morning...

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Going down the road and 2 bikes about 3 cars ahead in the next lane.. one kicked something up....
Nope.. but it was just over 200 for the replacement while I was at work yesterday they did it in the parking lot. Today I installed the hitch Still hve to run the wire harness. Tomorrow morning project with the turbo, Downpipe, Oil and trans fluid change
My mail carrier must hate me by now...
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Why Spank you sir <yes carry over from the last thread I replied on>
LMAO ouch in all fairness I dont think I've ever gotten leaf springs via shipping .. I picked them up at local shops the last time I needed any. come to think of it I dont think any of my vehicles I still own have them .. and more the amount of boxes of car parts I;ve been flooding the house with . LMAO wife asked if i bought the entire parts catalog.. my reply.. not yet :LOL: :ROFLMAO: :LOL: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
Oh, this was all Hotchkis/Global West stuff. They seriously sucked to move - I ended up making two handles, one with a ratchet strap, the other with a bungee cord, so I could at least get some kind of grip on the **** thing.

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I'm sure my brother irritated them in a similar fashion when he had all the suspension parts for his '01 Mustang shipped to my house last year, haha.
That sir is some Purrrtttyy parts
Finished installing the fog lights on the cruise and for some reason they are not lighting up. I took it to the dealership and they programmed it but it’s not working. the light lights up on the Dashboard. I jumper’d the foglight side of the fuse and they light up. I then hooked up the multimeter and I have Continuity but nothing changes when I hit the switch, no 12 V is applied
bad switch maybe ?? or wire broken between lights and switch somewhere >>??
What ground effect set is that on your Car @SlyCruze ?? I'm referring to the body color ones.
No idea.. I'm just looking to do something to the front edge of my bumper. I picked up one of the splitters a while back but decided not a good idea due to the amount of snow i deal with and just didnt care for it when I had it in front of me
To do what ????????????
LMAO in all fairness I used this method for my kids powerwheels a few years back.. I just wouldnt have expected someone to put this on an actual car.... I had upgraded one to 24 volt system with a 800 watt motor and full go kart hubs rims and tires. I put PVC tube over the back tires and then reinflated the tires until the tire gripped the tube and had some brackets inside with bolts counter sunk into the outer pvc to the tires didn't slide out of the pvc
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Finally got the BW V3 in with the downpipe and 42# injectors.. lot of lessons learned in the process and if i didn't before I have definitely supplied my blood sacrifice to the car
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Looks good.
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