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What did you do TO your Cruze today?

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Post what you did to er and maybe even a picture to accompany it.

Today I just washed it and did a quick wax job. It was pretty dirty from about 5 commutes to work!
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Back on topic, I changed my Cruze's wiper blades. It took me about 30 seconds a blade. 20 years ago, it used take me 30 minutes. :LOL:
Ha! I just did mine too, I also ordered a tune for mine this morning since I will be driving @Mr_Pat car this evening and I know I'm going to want it LOL
Were they working on the roof?
I'm guessing typical Michigan roads or a gravel hauler
Parcel arrived, 30 mins later job done !!! even better i can have my I.P.T.V. app playing too.
Really impressed with all the in built features. Very happy.
Much better than the factory junk radio that was fitted.

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....your steering wheel is on the other side, good mod! Lol. The screen looks good!
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Tinted the windows and put the bike rack on. Tint makes it look so much better!
We almost got rid of the tint restrictions here in Michigan years back, but the outgoing governor refused to sign it in because of some bullshit excuse.

So yep, still go back and forth on risking it. Really would benefit the Cruze and the Volt (especially the Volt), because the sit outside.
Atleast he reinstated the law for making SxSs legal to ride on the roads (when properly outfitted)
That doesn't really affect me, though I hope that doesn't mean freeways. I've not seen them on there, so I expect that's not the case. Could care less as long as they're not in my way.

Then again, if they did away with tint laws, where would Clawson, Berkley and Royal Oak get half of their revenue from (nevermind that their windows are basically opaque).

LOL im up by port huron so but used to live down at 11 and schoenherr. they could be plated and driven on any road if you wanted to go through the hassle. As of right now it is legal to drive them on
any road that has a speed limit less than 55 and non trunk lines (no interstates or M roads), in any county thats not oakland, macomb, or wayne.
Finished installing the fog lights on the cruise and for some reason they are not lighting up. I took it to the dealership and they programmed it but it’s not working. the light lights up on the Dashboard. I jumper’d the foglight side of the fuse and they light up. I then hooked up the multimeter and I have Continuity but nothing changes when I hit the switch, no 12 V is applied
bad switch maybe ?? or wire broken between lights and switch somewhere >>??
weird that the switch turn on the light in the dash and the back lights work. I’m wondering if the dealer screwed something up which is unfortunate since it’s a one and done code. I have a feeling they will try to blame the install......
Check the fog light relay?
I will check in the am!
Check the fog light relay?
where is this foglight relay? I only see the fuse under the hood
Did the led tails/brake, license plate, and reverse lights today
Thanks to @Mr_Pat for swinging by, we put a K&N on and it’s nice to hear the spool and bypass. Set up an appointment with the local dealership to figure out what they did to program the fogs
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Got the thermostat replaced and ran to get more coolant. Guess I lost a little more coolant than expected started to overheat 100 yards away lol. Oops. Topped her off and good to go!
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Blew the turbo….. well blew the seals. Won’t have time to look for sure until the weekend. Let the car idle down before leaving the driveway, got a mile down the road and it looked like I was spraying for mosquitoes. Thick smoke smelling like oil..
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Unfortunately I sold it. Loved the look of the car but it had some gremlins. Yesterday it was trying to start its self, weird. So down the road she went. I do have a ZZP wastegate and a K&N intake still for it if anyone is interested
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