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What did you do TO your Cruze today?

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Post what you did to er and maybe even a picture to accompany it.

Today I just washed it and did a quick wax job. It was pretty dirty from about 5 commutes to work!
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I replaced the cruise control switch on the wheel on my 2013. I have put enough use on that switch to rub the rubber selector knurling knob in to a sticky rubber wheel. Probably needed a new cruise control on/off switch too, turning on and off the trifecta tune dodging crazies on the German autobahn. Man I can’t wait to get back to the States ...
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Today I sniffed around trying to find a broken heater core leak or the stack of syrup covered waffles somebody snuck in there… but… nothing? Maybe I’ll pull off the panels and look for drips before I tear it all up 🤦‍♂️
Did you end up replacing heater core?
Actually no. In the super frozen -16 of upstate New York, I actually think my turbo seals for coolant were leaking. Then sadly confirmed by enormous oil smoke from my exhaust. I think that I need a new turbo again. Boooooo
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