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What did you do TO your Cruze today?

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Post what you did to er and maybe even a picture to accompany it.

Today I just washed it and did a quick wax job. It was pretty dirty from about 5 commutes to work!
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Bought some more ZZP parts :) project big turbo is happening this year just hit 40,000k on my Cruze and it is time !!!!! Lolol
Did you end up replacing heater core?
Actually no. In the super frozen -16 of upstate New York, I actually think my turbo seals for coolant were leaking. Then sadly confirmed by enormous oil smoke from my exhaust. I think that I need a new turbo again. Boooooo
put a deposit down on my second 2012 1.8l 6speed manual, this one is at 147,000km rust is indicative of the salt belt area on this one and everything is dirty, the oil cooler is making mayonnaise out of the coolant system. overall needs a tune up and she'll be spinning. hopefully I got a new car
Starting installing the coilovers. Finally! 🖖
Replaced both my VVT seals, the exhaust VVT seal had been leaking just a bit for years. Easy job :D
Started to come up with a way to mount new LED fog lights into my stock rs housing
Coilovers and strut tower brace. 🖖

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Finally was able to do my oil change and oil sample.

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picked up my new 2012 cruze and did the maiden voyage home. along the way stopping by the familys and picking up L&R front ac delco gold spec calipers and moog replacment rear coil springs. second stop was oil ,filter, and new brake fliud. third stop was front brake pads and rotors.

right now i gotta take care of the oil cooler leaking into the coolant, while shifting through the gears it feels like the bearing for third is worn as there needs to be a longer throw to get it in vs my prior cruze. and the drivers door hinge has failed. other notes the car was built later in the 2012 year, found that out doing my first mod a shift knob delete. revealing a threaded post instead of the more bare finger friendly knurled post i slapped around for 60k on.
enjoyed a late night 3am drive, reved up to 4500rpm and everything sounded good, tranny sounded good too.
Due to having a somewhat poor oil sample result, I decided to clean and re-oil my panel filter last Saturday.

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Due to having a somewhat poor oil sample result, I decided to clean and re-oil my panel filter last Saturday.

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Have you watched the project farm youtube video on how poor the K&N filters do at being a filter? Just food for thought, but I would suppose the result is expected for this type of filter.
Well I broke my 2014 Cruze today lol...... Got to work on it at my job ( as a mechanic ) and was replacing the Valve cover and intake manifold ( zzp ported ) because of the PCV valve fail... Well i as i am removing the fuel line / fuel injectors, the injector for cylinder 4, pops off and goes flying somewhere..

Well I get everything else off, and start to put everything back together and get to the fuel injectors, i start to look for the lost one... and can't find it.. finally the shop GM, finds it and i go back to putting everything back together.. I go to start it up and it's running rough... like bad rough.. well the owner and another guy is looking at everything making sure i put everything back together properly and we can't find anything..

So we grab one of the tablets, hook it up to the car and cylinder 4 is misfiring... take off the coil pack, replace the spark plug, same thing... our engine guru ( the shop GM ) comes out and is like, well lets look at the injectors, come to find out the one that popped off stopped working...

So i ended up ordering 4 new injectors that will be at the shop in the morning lol.....

Good times!!!!! I mean at least it wasn't something serious
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ok, so my Cruze is fixed!!!!!!!!! 4 new injectors in my car, and idk if it was finally being back in my car that the car felt like it had a lil more spunk, but i filled up with gas and took the highway home, which from exit to exit is about 7 miles... coming off the on ramp, i decided to see what my car would do if i drove it the same way as i normally do merging into traffic...

Wow!!!!! I never thought that just having a ported intake manifold would make such a difference.. No joke my car was almost redlining when it usually shifts at about 5k rpms , and even when passing cars it was so much easier..

I will say i noticed my mpg was way down, but that could of just been because of my heavy foot..

but if this is a sign of things to come, i might change my mind about selling this car lol....

Now i'm tempted to do a FMIC from ZZP and cold air intake
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Ahh, nothing like being woken up at 7am on a Saturday to the words "I'm taking your car, mine won't start." 2014 Diesel. Starts, stumbles, shuts off.

Scratched head for a bit, cussed, wondered if it had gas in the tank instead of diesel. Nah, not that. Fuel pump? No, I can hear it working. HPFP? God I hope not. Hmm battery is only at like 12v better put the charger on it. Well that didn't help, hmm. Glow plugs? It's kind of cold but it shouldn't cut off once it fires because of that. Where the hell did I put my OBDLink?! Of course it's the weekend and all my good tools are at work. Crap, well, I have one idea that I've ran into on Cummins engines before.

EGR valve was stuck open, removed and cleaned it out and got it moving freely again. Put a bit of transmission fluid on the moving parts, worked it back and forth a bit, got it free enough then used brake cleaner to finish it off. Moved quite well after that, installed and she's purring again.
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Ahh yep...that EGR valve will get ya. I clean ours roughly every 40k miles.
I've had it off once before to clean it, don't remember how long ago it was though... Maybe around 80k? It's at 142k now. I should check the MAP today while I'm at it.
Wiped off two bird poops.
I took my winter Blizzacks off, reinstalled the factory tires. Reset the TPMS and reinflated the tires to 35 PSI.
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