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Got a 2012 2LT with the six speaker system, good enough for who its for. Really would have preferred if they eliminated those rear lower door speakers, and added a couple of 6 by 9's to the rear package tray since most people I met don't have ears on their ankles.

But on long trips with my wife, we leave the radio off, gives us an opportunity to have a conversation, driving alone from my motorcycle days, like having my door window down. Ha, try putting a sound system in a motorcycle.

Not much choice in my old 04 Cavalier, had 6 by 9's in the rear with 12 ohm voice coils, really crap, had to add amplifiers to it and put in a pair of Blaupunkt Made in the USA overdrive speakers in it.

Really can't get into a discussion on what you prefer, know guys that the only good sound is from an LP record changer going through a very non-linear 12AX7 vacuum tube. Others that don't like music at all, just a super loud pounding bass makes them happy.

Actually get the best sound for my taste with my smart phone using a good pair of noise canceling head phones, but if caught wearing those, would toss me in jail and throwaway the key. But its okay if I added a 2,000 watt system to my vehicles, know plenty of guys that did this.

OSHA states if the sound level is greater than 85db, have to wear ear protection, 1 watt at 1 KHz at 1 meter produces a sound level of 105 db. Go figure.
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