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What do new vehicle dealer prep charges consist of?

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Same vehicle, different dealers in checking new car prices. Dealer prep charges varying anywhere from 100 to 300 bucks. But this is for compact cars, a lot more for that expensive stuff.

From all I can gather, all they do to the vehicle is remove that protective plastic, rather leave that in there so the vehicle stays cleaner longer, check the fluids, run it through the car wash, and drive it around the block.

For 300 bucks, rather do that myself, especially drive it around the block. Just another ripoff and I sure know how to check fluids.

From a net search, really not required, but not illegal either.
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If you see a separate charge for prep it is a charge the dealer has created.

Prep fees are a fixed amount per vehicle and are paid to the dealer by the manufacturer, so, if you see a prep charge you have found a crooked operation.........there likely are other 'created' charges as well.

I did a search and it seems this is one of those things to avoid:
7 Car Dealership Fees and Services to Avoid | My Money | US News. Reminds me of my trip to the first dealer I went to about my tranny yesterday. I must sign a paper that says I agree to pay $110 if all my problems are not covered by warranty. But if covered, I don't pay it. They won't charge GM $110 but they surely will charge me! If I didn't tell them good bye I wonder how that truly would have turned out? Some how that $110 would have been hidden as some other fee not negotiable?
I think some folks don't realize or acknowledge how much cost is associated with running a dealership. Perhaps if one doesn't like a dealership they should purchase a Tesla. Just a thought.
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my dealer wanted $400 I made him split the diff. & told him don't touch the car just rinse it off no wax or clean anything plastic on please. came 2 pick it up washed tire stuff that came all on a new car (I was pissed) told him about it I wanted it the way I bought it right be4 I sign papers. I paid cash too so to all the sales guys who think they are helping your not. do as asked to be done.
Lol please don't let the dealership swirl up your new car's paint
Dealership prep charges are built into the purchase price. Don't let a dealership try to add this to the price.
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