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What do you think about pricing for this 57k miles 2014 Cruze LT?

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Looking at potentially listing my Cruze here. Has a laundry list of mods done to it, including:
  • BOSCH #42 injectors
  • K&N Cabin Air Filter
  • K&N Cold Air Intake
  • Full LED headlights with switchback turn signals(Yes, I put resistors on the turn signals....)
  • LED BMW style tail lights, with switchback reverse/brake bulbs(weird, right?)
  • Factory head unit buttons(that nobody really uses?) replaced with a nicer gloss black fixture, with a tablet fixed to the second hole for another head unit(next person could easily put a better system in if you wanted, will include brackets)
  • Trifecta tune for both 93 octane and E85 on the #42 injectors
  • Trifecta tune for 93 octane on included stock injectors\
  • Currently have a mild muffler delete from unbolting a few pieces, but that can easily be made stock or louder to preference.

Car has run nothing but synthetic since I got it at 14k miles. Had new tires put on 10-15k miles ago. Most of the miles were freeway on my commute into the city every day.

Thoughts on pricing for this community, please let me know!
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The going private party rate as published in KBB or Black Book. Any improvement costs should not be passed on to CRUZETALK members
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I'd guess $10K for the right buyer.
$10k not a bad price considering all the factors, is this going to a private sale or a dealer

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$10k not a bad price considering all the factors, is this going to a private sale or a dealer

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Only a Dealer can command the Dealer price. Student Driver is a private party. I'm not sure a dealer would even attempt to sell a modified CRUZE and 10K seems about the right price!
You have to eat the mods ,most consumers want there car stock for reliably, warranty ,etc. $9k to 10k,On paper a dealer my give you 5k,but it is all smoke and mirrors with dealers. If you sell private party it could take a long time for someone to come up with that kind of money, You may want to put it on consignment ,as then they can get financing, cars are a hard sell right now, it is a suv and truck market.
Any time I see mods to a car the first two things I think of.....young driver and hard driver.

I'd walk away from it....sorry.
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As other have mentioned, mods add exactly $0 in value to your vehicle. In fact, many folks view mods as a negative and it actually hurts resale. Most folks want completely unmolested used vehicles.

That being said, I think an honest and fair price for private party sale would be $9,500. I'd ask $11,000 obo.
If you have 10 grand chances are you're it buying a modified cruze private party, chances are you'll take 5 of that as a decent down payment for a dealer car with warranty, not to say theres not an a s s for every seat, but it'll take a while, a dealer won't give you much because the car will just end up in auction, that's why I asked the target audience

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