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What is the best tune?

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I would love the best tune for the 1.4L turbo. The trifecta is $300 giving you a bunch of options and increased power. The BNR is about $500 with the Autocal. Is there anything wrong with the trifecta ? I just hear some people say it?s junk and I wouldn?t want to throw down money for either one if that?s the case
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I am pretty sure Eric has both tunes Trifecta and BNR. I watched his 0-60 on youtube but I will stick with the Trifecta for now. The tune for my 2017 was @ 349 so not as much as the BNR tune and is why I went that way for the canned tune.
My next project is to get this JBL pro slim sub mounted hopefully this weekend.
Did you ever get the sub mounted? How difficult was it? I plan to throw a Rockville 12” in mine but oven never done the wiring for a 2018.
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