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What is the best tune?

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I would love the best tune for the 1.4L turbo. The trifecta is $300 giving you a bunch of options and increased power. The BNR is about $500 with the Autocal. Is there anything wrong with the trifecta ? I just hear some people say it?s junk and I wouldn?t want to throw down money for either one if that?s the case
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I second the BNR tune. Probably one of the only people on this forum, to have had a Trifecta Tune, on my second Eco, a BNR tune on my third Eco, and a BNR tune, with a trans tune, on my 4th Cruze, Gen 2. Not to knock the Trifecta tune, in any way. I just prefer the BNR tune. The Gen 2 tune is no joke. To me, it’s leaps and bounds over the Gen 1 tune, for either BNR, or Trifecta. It’s a better Transmission, and a better, smoother engine. Taking off from a stop sign, in my Gen 2 Premier Hatch, Auto, with the BNR tune, you can’t just stab the gas pedal to the ground, because you will spin the tires, all the way through first gear, and that’s with the traction control on, which just makes the light blink like crazy. You definitely can’t go wrong with the BNR tune.

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