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What is the best tune?

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I would love the best tune for the 1.4L turbo. The trifecta is $300 giving you a bunch of options and increased power. The BNR is about $500 with the Autocal. Is there anything wrong with the trifecta ? I just hear some people say it?s junk and I wouldn?t want to throw down money for either one if that?s the case
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Cut your cats off resonator delete and muffler delete Also a ZZP turbo downpipe and Mid pipe what is the Flowmaster or Borla cat back exhaust AND Either a AEM cold air intake or K&n Then a tune would be worth it I am making 204 hp with 235tq at the wheels I’m running I custom tune I my self created after a long 6 months of studying and I gotta say I did pretty well considering I knew nothing about tuning when I started and for anyone that sits there and talks **** about the Cruze saying is it really worth it ? And it’s a waste of money ?can go F*** themselves (excuse my French) these cruzes were made as an experiment for Chevy so they could run a series of a test on plastic valve covers plastic intake manifolds electrical systems cooling systems ect. So yes it’s a goddamn LEMON BUT I’ve had the best time in my 2011 Chevy Cruze LT I want to change the valve cover once because I installed my own custom PVC kit Right after i also immediately Both of my cats are especially the big dumb one it runs off of the turbo manifold to reduce heat inside my engine I run VP racing coolant and VP racing gas at least once a wk To keep I feel system Nice and clean I recently installed the diamond forged pistons added a catch can and now I’m rebuilding my old turbocharger for a spare i’ve learned so much it’s such a short time I am thankful that I bought this car with 73,000 miles on the body and 53,000 miles on the engine I am now at 100,000 miles that’s 30,000 miles in about eight months I’ve driven the hell out of this thing and I will continue to do so until I cant anymore I love CruzeTalk and sometimes toxic community LOL but I’ve learned so much here received nothing less than great explanations on how to do certain things that needed to be done with all of this being said I’m at work on my lunch I need to get back it Oh and about the tune get a trifecta tune if you’re riding stock anything else would have to be a beginner tune or find a performance tuner Near you or do what I did tune her yourself
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So I'll tell you a story, I purchased my cruze after downgrading from a meriad of tuned cars, last one being a 2008 caliber srt4 and given the displacement a nice tune and some bolt-ons certainly wake it up. 2012 Chevrolet Cruze 1.4l RS. I read about some individual in some thread whom claimed they never felt a difference after tuning this platform; if properly installed, regardless of whether it's Bad News Racing or Trifecta, the difference will literally be night and day.
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