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What Length of RCA Cables should I run?

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Hey everyone, just bought the chevy cruze and ill be upgrading to one of the tesla style radios, and Im looking to add my old subwoofer (2) that run off a mono amp. The headunit has a single subwoofer out RCA cable, so Im looking into buying a new RCA cable. What length should I run? and where would I get the best result running the RCAs? I plan to run my power wire down the driver side "tunnel" and I saw on the forum someone said it was possible to run cables directly down the center of the car (the middle?) I don't know if that's true or not, would love to try it out if it is true. Thank you.
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I can attest to going through the center console.

Getting it under the carpet and seat, your going to have to pull the rear seat till the front clips come out, than pull out the carpet from the tunnel section to get enough leverage on the carpet. There's a hump that comes up for the parking brake cables and is easy to route either side of it. Only problem is there is a big piece of carpet foam molding after the hump that you need the carpet pulled out to negotiate
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