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I was gradually nudged into it.

I liked my Olds Intrigue just fine and had even plowed about $2000 into it in the fall of 2013 for new motor mounts, valve covers and tires. However it was becoming a bit old and unpredictable for a daily driver - and the 4th gear did not work anymore which hurt fuel economy.

I was still planning to hold off until the Colorado debuted. But by early this year, enough information had come out to discern that there would be no manual V6 in it for a few years (if ever) and the diesel was 2 years away.

Right about this time GM dumped a fat "top off" reward on my Card. Even this didn't quite get me off the fence - I tried to persuade my mother to buy a Chevy to replace her 1999 Contour, but she liked her car enough to put some more money into clutch repair and fresh tires, so I still had that topoff tingling on me.

So.... I persuaded myself to go ahead and use the topoff.

I decided on the CTD without even test driving one. I felt like the reviews all hit the marks for what I needed - fuel economy, power to spare, good headroom for a tall driver.
1 - 1 of 86 Posts
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