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What was your Trifecta tune break-in period like?

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Just like the title says :)

I have an auto, and I understand that the trans will be touchy and rough for a bit. It's been a couple hundred miles for me and in performance mode the shifting can be overly stiff (although it has smoothed out some), seems to shift very fast up through the gears at times, and I experience dead zones when I accelerate from various speeds.

Are these intricacies spotted in the log files when I send them in? I've had a car tuned before, and I know it can be a process. Can the above be tweaked via re-tuning/updating?

How many miles was your break in period? How many logs sent/updates?
I just want to get an idea, I know it's not exact.

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Hey Nick! Congrats on the tune, it makes a huge difference! Regarding data logging, Vince is able to pull a lot of info out of the logs to fine tune everything but it also helps if you provide feedback about what the car is doing and what you want it to do. For instance, I disliked the way that my car shifted in performance mode (way too hard) and he was able to dial it back so it is nice and smooth. Additionally I didn't like the bogging that took place in economy mode so I asked Vince to write in the factory trans tune for economy mode. He is able to mess with the tune files quite a bit and really customize it to your liking so I would definitely reccomend asking if you want some changes when you send in your datalogs. Good luck and enjoy!

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OK that's good to hear.
I'll have to pull those logs, and write a couple thoughts.
Off the line in perf mode, it's almost embarrassing most of the time launching, and when rolling there are some big dead spots where it feels like the car should downshift, and it just rides out the high gear instead.

Sounds like my issues can be worked out with time and programming.
It should be able to be fixed in the programming. Datalog it and send in a detailed description of what it is doing, and what you want it to do. Trifecta should be able to tweak it to how you want it.
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