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Whats everyones mpg's?

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Hey guys! New to chevy and the cruze world, pretty familiar with diesels in general though. I've had a couple mechanical injection vw's and most recently rebuilt a vw 1.9l mechanical injection engine and swapped it into my samurai. This is my first computer controlled direct injection engine and I'm pretty happy with it so far. Its not the exact car I wanted (white, hatch, diesel with mt with brown leather) but its one of the 3 manual diesels available in the province. On Friday I grabbed a 2017 cruze diesel lt with the 6 speed manual. Its the silver ice metallic with black leather interior. Until about month ago I had no idea chevy had a diesel sedan and went with it over vw mainly because of the 0% financing and that vw doesn't have any new tdi's.

So far I love the car, the electronic throttle takes a bit of getting used to and the clutch has a bit of a different feel to it but the power and economy it makes are amazing for what it is. It has way more power and is way quieter then the old mechanical vw's. The one I just built for my samurai has a 4bt turbo and a performance injection pump and its probably making around the same power but its nowhere near as refined. Its loud and shakes like crazy. I'm not too impressed with the transmission, it rides alright but I feel the gearing (mainly 6th) is off and feel like the shift light is constantly blinking at me. I've got just under 1000km on it and I filled up for the first time the other day. I got 850km to 44l which puts it just under 5.2l/100km and means the dash display was right on with its estimate. 5.2l is about 45mpg which is pretty good as I had a decent mix of city and highway driving. I'm just curious what kind of mpg everyone is seeing per tank in the real world? I'm also curious how many km's it takes for the engine to break in and if there would be any noticeable economy increase at that point?

Anyways here's my cruze the first night I got it
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Hatchback Mid-size car

and here is a pic from the dealer
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Sedan Mid-size car

No real plans to modify it much. Maybe upgrade the headlights to HID's, get the dealer to install some fogs, and when the warranty runs out I'll delete all the emissions crap and throw a tune on it. Would love it if someone brings a plug in piggyback ecu to market that wouldn't effect the warranty!
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