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What's Next ?

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So bought my car back in July 2021 and I'm having fun changing the interior and exterior. This is how it started and this is how it's going. Red Calipers are next and possibly side skirts but after that who knows ....

So far have placed stickers, EL wire on the inside, Spoiler from eBay, Rims, and the calipers will be done next week.

But not sure where to go next, Cold air intake, Trifecta Tune, Resonator on the muffler?

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it depends what you want. if you're looking for turbo noises, get the intake , if you want a loud car overall, do the exhaust. if you're looking for the most performance for the cost, get the Tune.

personally, i would lean towards a Tune
thanks man, would you say Trifecta ? It the one I’ve seen the most ?
That looks sick dude, don't usually like white lettering on tires but it works so well on this, definitely did it right with the black rims and the spoiler.
If you're going to get all 3 (cold air intake, tune, and exhaust) but not at the same time I would start with the intake, then the exhaust, then I would say the tune last cause it would be recommended to get it tuned after the intake and exhaust either way. Would look really good an inch or 2 lower
Thanks dude, gonna look at cold air intake. Anything you recommend ?
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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