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Wheel Question

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I just got a 2011 Cruze LT/1FL. I guess it is a FL on the title but labeled as a LT on the trunk. I was thinking of putting some 18" wheels on it. I was wondering if they will stick outside of the wheel well since the tire is a 225 and my stock 16' are a 215? Then off hand if anybody knows what the pattern size is? Since I have seen a couple of different ones on here.
Thanks for any info
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"Flood Vehicle" brand on the title?
I have a 2011 LS and the wheels are 105x5. If you keep the wheels with a factory offset and they will not stick out at all. There are several offset calculators all over the interwebs to help you figure out your offset questions.

I have 18" wheels on my car and they don't stick out at all.
LT/1FL is a fleet trim. Since the physical dimensions for the LT and the LTZ are the same 18" wheels should fit. The LTZ has 18" wheels.
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