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So I have just taken my winters off and put the summer tires back on. While I was carrying the wheels up from the basement, I decided to step on a scale to find out how much they weighed. I stood on the scale with and without a wheel in my arms. Here are my marginally scientific findings:

I have a set of Verano base rims with Goodyear Assurance tires mounted. The combined weight was 47 lbs. The tirerack website says that the tires weigh 22 lbs so those are 25 lb rims.

I have the stock rims mounted with Conti WinterContact tires. The combined weight was 48 lbs. Tirerack says the tires weigh 24 lbs giving a rim weight of 24 lbs.

So, Verano rims weigh a pound more than Cruze wheels. Not enough to worry about. They're both heavy!

The car doesn't look bad with the Verano wheels. It was especially sweet that I found the rims at a wrecker for $125 each!
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