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Wheel spacers and lowering springs?

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I wanted to have my wheels a little more close to flush with the fenders and I wanted to get eibach lowering springs. I want enough space to where I don't rub and so I don't have to roll the fenders. Any ideas of what kind I should get, what size and other things I would need? I have the 2014 Cruze ltz rs with the 18in wheels, thanks!
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Did you ever find out what stuff you needed for a stock setup I also want a flush look with spacers and lowering springs
If you get lowering springs your tires will sit inside the fender and above the lip if you have 18" stock rims with stock sized tires.. You will need to get smaller diameter rims and low enough profile tires to make this work. This will screw up your speedo too. That would entail getting a tune to correct that.
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