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Wheel stud question with wheel swap

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Hey guys I need some help. I got a 12 base model cruze and purchased the Eco 15 spoke wheels for it. I'm about to mount them, but I notice a different in size holes on the wheels that go into wheel studs. Their is a lot more play with the Eco wheels. It almost seems like they use bigger wheel studs. Any input? I'm scared to put them on because this is my girlfriends car. Thanks!
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Agreed, the lug nuts may well be different between the base steel wheels and the Eco alloys. I have to swap lug nuts when swapping to snow tires since the Eco lugs are too big for my winter wheels.

IIRC the Eco alloys use a M12x1.5 bolt pattern with a tapered seat. Look for lugs that match those specifications while fitting (with a socket on the outside) into the lug holes. I'd say go to the dealer, but they'd charge you about $5 per lug nut...
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