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Wheels: Tire Pressure Sensors

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Just this weekend, I went down to the dealership to get my tire pressure monitoring system fixed. Eventually, I found out that I didn't even have sensors in any of my wheels. My Gen II LS Manual came with the standard 15" steel wheels with bolt-on wheel covers. Eventually, the rims shop installed the sensors, but it was such an unnecessary hassle to begin with.
Anyways, I talked to a friend today, and they told me that the wheels should have come with sensors, regardless of "trim." That makes sense, considering the TPMS is required to be in every vehicle by the federal government. The dealership did switch out their showroom wheels for the standard wheels just before I drove off the lot, so I'm thinking that the "standard" wheels they put on might have simply been old spares that they had lying around. I say old as in, they might have been manufactured before the TPMS mandate.
Has Chevy ever manufactured wheels without sensors in the past decade? If not, I should really be concerned about exactly how old my tires are.
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