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Where can i get a magnetic automatic transmission drain plug???

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Been searching the internet and cant find anything on the 1.4L automatic transmission drain plug!?! Want to upgrade to a magnetic drain bolt!!! Sonething like a "Gold Plug" brand drain blot would be nice...
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I have one in mine and at the next oil change I installing the OEM plug. They leak. But if you really want one, look at Ali-Express

EDIT: this is an oil pan plug, not a tranny plug.

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Just smack a magnet to it.


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Found it!!!! Quality gold plug magnetic automatic transmission plug!!!! Now it's time for a couple drain and fills of some amsoil signature ATF!!!! Dont trust stealerships. drain and fills every 20-30 k with amsoil should keep her running smoother and longer. Very very wiry on owning yet another automatic GM transmission....hence drain and fill at 3 thousand miles lol dont trust oem dexron atf!!!!


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