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Ahhh yes, yet another reason to just get a gas vehicle.
That makes no sense. You should be just as particular about the fuel going into the tank of your gasser.

You wouldn't buy gas from a mom and pop shop that has four cars fill up a day and might fill their tank once every two months, would you? Thats right, the gas would start the varnish process already and could harm your injection system.

Same for us diesel guys, buy instead of varnish, the fuel can get nasty in other ways. If we want a good running car/truck, we must be picky about our fuel. Buying it from a place with a high turn over means it is fresh and clean.

Remember this, my truck weighs in at all most three times the weight of your car and gets 23MPG on the highway. Want to do a percentage comparison on MPG per pound?
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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