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Which fuse box circuit stays on during ignition?

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Hey guys, I have a variety of devices (Amazon echo dot, App controlled LED interior lights, and wifi hotspot) that restart when I ignite the engine, i.e. temporarily lose power. I need them to stay on.

Is there any circuit in the fuse box that stays on (power doesn't dip) when you turn on the ignition? I'm guessing the ignition fuse would, but the max load for that is 2 amps.
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There are many unused fuse slots in the fuse box under the dash. There are only a couple circuits in the dash fuse box that turn off. The rest stay hot all the time. The hot side of the fuse plug is in place for most of these. Unfortunately, they don't have the pins in place for the other side of the fuse. You could probably purchase pins for the fuse box from the dealer, or online if you know the part numbers.
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