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Standpat- Are you talking about a 2016 Limited, that is similar to 2015 body styles, or are you looking at the new 2016 GEN 2 Cruze? I suspect the hitches will be different. I doubt any hitch manufacturer has a 2016 GEN 2 Cruze hitch fabricated and released for sale. I could be wrong.

Curt Products are pretty well built, and reasonable to install on the GEN 1 cruze. It's a no drill installation and while I did this with the rear tires on the ground, next time I'd drive it up on some blocks, or slightly lift the rear.

There were two versions of the hitch in GEN 1. The first was a lower hanging visible hitch, the second is a concealed version. I have the concealed version, no drilling required, they use existing body holes.

There's threads on the forum. Google Hitch installation in the upper right search bar.
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