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Which transmission fluid?

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Which transmition fluid am i supposed to use on manual 1.6l cruze?
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Which transmition fluid?


It is generic MT Synchromesh. I don't know what you can get your hands on, but a 75w-90 synthetic gear oil works quite well.
I have this brands:

And dont know what API GL 4 means
The M32 uses an 80 or 85 weight gear oil, but will work well on some thin 90 weight oils. GL-4 is the extreme pressure additive rating. Do not use a GL-5 rated fluid in this transmission as those are intended for differentials, not transmissions.
Yea but if im not wrong M32 has 6 gears i only have 5
Yea but if im not wrong M32 has 6 gears i only have 5
You could probably get away with a 75W-90 oil then, but you'd still need it to be a GL-4 oil.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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