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Whistle at cold startup then gone

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2012 ECO, AT, 86k miles, well maintained. 1K miles ago my engine started whistling immediately after starting cold, then as engine rpm's come down to normal (800 or so) the whistling stops. I can't pinpoint location but seems to be from behind or below the aluminum heat shield over exhaust manifold. Any ideas you smart Chevy Cruze folks? No codes, smooth idle, no whistling while driving. There is also an increase in the exhaust fumes in same area, almost like exhaust is leaking. I can feel a slight breeze same location. ????? Thanks.
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Can you tell if the breeze is in between the head and the turbo or between the turbo and cat? May need to take the heat shield off to pinpoint. My thought would be an exhaust gasket that needs replacing.
Sounds to me like an exhaust leak. The whistle is from the turbo spooling. I have the downpipe and can here that whistle from the turbo all the time, especially at startup.
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