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Whistling Sound when engine starts up

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I have a 2014 Chevy Cruze LT and I had my co-worker who has worked on cars before have a listen since this is my first vehicle and I am one nervous nelly thinking everything is going to crap out any second :ROFLMAO:
When I started up the engine and we popped the hood she said everything sounded okay but she is wondering about a whistling sound.
Is this just normal for a Chevy or should I look into it more?

THAAAANKS GUIIIIZ, much appreciated for any clues :)
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Potentially PCV related but it should throw a P0171 code with it.

Pop this cover off the engine.

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Once off and the engine is running check for suction at the PCV shown in this next pic. There should be 2 small holes towards the front and back. If you have suction there then the PCV system is damaged / faulty / broken. At a bare minimum you likely need a new valve cover and possibly further PCV system repairs.

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