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Hello, I have jet black interior in my Cruze but I get bad scuffing when people sit on the seats or touch the cloth on the sides or dash. What do you recommend to get rid of the white scuffing?

It makes everything look worn even though no one practically sits in my Cruze (maybe 2 times a month).

See photos below..
I have the same interior and get the same scuffing. I don't have any problem wiping them off. You have to use a lint free cloth, micro fiber. Otherwise, you just make it worse. Tried a paper towel initially, and it made a mess.

I never use paper towels to clean the inside of the Cruze but was sitting in a parking lot waiting for the wife. I had a few of those free paper towels from a gas station. The white scuff marks got my attention and decided to wipe them off with the paper towels. Don't do that with the black interior. It's like using sand paper on the paper towels. Crud all over.
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