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White smoke coming from the grill and AC eventually stops pumping cold air.

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2012 1.4 Cruze. 88,000 miles on it.

Just got back from an extended road trip from Orlando to NOLA. When arriving in NOLA, after parking, I noticed white smoke coming from the left side of the grill (if facing the car). I thought maybe it was some steam from a puddle that we parked in (the splash hitting a hot engine). The car wasnt overheating, so I didnt think much of it. That was Thursday.

Now, this morning, when we were on our way to the highway to leave NOLA, we noticed the AC wasnt pushing out cold air. Making a long story short, we pumped some leak sealant/refrigerant into the lines and noticed the air was becoming cold again.

After driving the car for about 14 hours (tire issues, was supposed to be an 8 hour trip), I was about to park the car and I notice the air is starting to get warm again. Then, I see that the white smoke is still coming from the grill. After doing some research on google and these forums, the likely cause is that the AC condenser probably has a hole in it. Of course, I will have the issue properly diagnosed from the dealer/AC shop.

Before I go bring this into the dealership, I want to be armed with some proper information, if it does come back that the issue is the condenser. Is there any chance that this is going to be a "good will" fix (or something similar), since this seems to be a problem that a lot of people are going through? I am way out of my bumper to bumper warranty period. I did come across a previous labor PO (#PI0461). Is this going to help me in my quest to get this issue fixed as cheap as possible (as I am seeing $700-800 dealership repair quotes from other people)?

If I end up going out of the dealership repair, what amount of cost could I be looking at?
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Does your car have the plastic guard to protect the condenser? if not, that's probably your strongest argument for a goodwill fix.
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