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Why I chose a Cruze

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I doubt there is a ton of stories on here, but I figure I would put my down in type for the reason of just doing so. I am a Mechanic at a Steel Mill (Ferro Silicon Manganese to be exact) but I was laid off for a period and went to work for the local dealership as a tech. While there at the dealership I spent most my time doing recall work (Specifically Cobalt/Ion ignition switches) and I did top end rebuilds. One day lady brought in her Cruze RS, it had a check engine light on and lacked power. As I brought it into the shop you cod tell t was underpowered and made a **** of a hissing noise. To make a super long story short she had changed or had her oil changed in 16k miles. She had coked the turbo center section and melted the plastic turbo drain line. The oil I drained out of it, after being warmed up was like 15w40 being poured in the artic. Once I put a new turbo system on this car, I took it for a drive. My wife owns a 2012 Sonic, and the Cruze was so much nicer. More spacious, and very similar feeling. I always remembered the fun times working on that specific Cruze. I went back to the plant over a year ago, and me and my wife decided we need another car that's slightly bigger for when we have kids. So I went and talked to a salesman I knew, and he set me up with my 2015 Cruze. 1.8L 6 spd M/T. How I wish I could have found a 1.4 6 spd, he informed me that GM doesn't send many manuals around this part of Ohio as there is no demand for them. But they had one manual on the lot, with a 1.8. so I pulled the trigger. I have a few plans for it, mainly a magnaflow exhaust and a CAI of some sorts. But I have never been happier. The Cruze replaced the 1988 Chevrolet Cavalier I drove to work, which just rolled over 124k. I also just this weekend swapped out the factory oil for Royal Purple, as I am a firm believer in it. Anyways, my rambling is over.
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Welcome to the cruze talk Be cool stay cozy keep cruzen and Best Wishes !
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