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Will the 2017 Black Bowtie fit the 2016 Cruze LT?

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Hi everyone,

New here just got my 2016 Cruze in the Kinetic Blue. I would like to get the Black OEM Bowtie for the front and rear. However I am not sure if they will fit. Can anyone help me on this?

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Has anyone tried it? I would really love to do this if its possible.
Hi Blasirl! Thanks but I am looking to go with the GM Official ones. Thanks for the heads up! and I just introduced myself there! :D
Welcome Aboard!:welcome:

I am not sure about that particular swap, but there are many aftermarket replacements from a billet piece to vinyl and carbon fiber. Check eBay, Amazon and / or Ali Express.

Oh and you should introduce yourself here
Anyone know where I can find more info on how the front grill disassembles?
Deng, So want to do this!
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