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Will waranty cover noisy lifters?

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Hey everyone! I went to drive my gf's cruze yesterday and heard a loud ticking/tapping noise that Im pretty sure is the lifters. She is not always the greatest at keeping up with oil changes and such,
(but I still love her)

I know that the powertrain warranty covers lifters, but it also mentions in the warranty that any issue caused by poor maintenance, such as low oil, will not be covered.

How do they determine what caused the issue?

Any chance it will be covered?

Thanks to everyone!!
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The EVAP purge valve is often a source of loud ticking.

Powertrain would cover lifters if oil change maintenance looks good on the top end. If there's lots of sludge and stuff, they may deny the claim.

Gather all maintenance records you can find just in case.

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