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I etched my windshield on my "12 ECO using "Driveway Cleaner" and a scrub brush in an attempt to remove bugs.
[ Later, a litmus paper test yielded the stuff was above PH-14!]

The etch was severe, visible day or night and distracting.
Ugly was an understatement, you could see it from outside the car as well as from the inside..

Phone calls to two dealers and a couple of Glass shops were the same, "New Windshield Needed"

A chance question at Autozone yielded the solution.

A product called "Windshield Clean and Prep Kit" .42 oz, by AGS of Muskegon Mi for $1.99 fixed the problem.
UPC Code 7714601512 , Autozone Part Number: WCP-1A

AGS/.42 oz. windshield clean and prep kit (WCP-1A) | Glass Cleaner |

When the guy said it had a white powder, I remembered a product from the Eastwood Company called Cerium Oxide Windshield Polish.

The little flat package is yellow, about 2 x 3" and has a oval sponge inside, add water and make small oval motions.
In less than 10 minutes I had my windshield sparkling like NEW!

I feel sure it will work for light scratches and wiper hazing as this is a super-fine abrasive product.

I suggest anyone attempting this to clean first, de-tar with Acetone etc and remove other outstanding debris with a razor..

It is NOT advertised to have the ability I have mentioned previously.

Deeply scratched windshields may require the Eastwood Repair Kit to remove deeply ingrained damage.
Pro Glass Polishing Kit
Using the Cerium Oxide is messy, also when using power tools, and you must be EXACT on the coverage or distorted vision from waves in the glass will occur.

Kudos to Autozone for having this product.

Hope this helps
Rusty Wrench
aka DrVette
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