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Winjet LED Headlights - Couple Questions

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I'm looking into getting these headlights: 2011-2015 Chevy Cruze Projector Head Lights - (Black / Clear)

A few questions:
It says it comes with an H7 bulb. What does this mean?

Would the H7 LED bulb I've seen floating around here in that one headlight thread work in these? I think @evo77 recommended that bulb.

These seem to be 100% plug and play, right?
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H7 is a type of halogen bulb.

You are mistaking Gen7 LED bulb with a H7 halogen. Two different bulbs.
Darn, so those will not work.

Thinking about going with the Gen7 LED's in stock housings then.

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Winjen's are not plug in play. Some sellers on ebay will do the wiring for you, but there is an additional cost in doing so, as the LED signals will hyperflash. Usually you're own your own with wiring up to stock harness and will have to purchase a resistor to counter the hyper-flashing issue.

Having said that, if you're not retrofitting, they are probably your best bet for having usable light. I had spec-d projector headlights and they were terrible. The Winjens are much better, but they do tend to glare and aiming them is a joke (just like all the aftermarket ones). Also forget about aiming them after they're installed, unless you have tiny hands and an even smaller screw driver.
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