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Winter tires question

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Hello everyone

I live in southern ontario and just have a question about winter tires. I just bought mine about a month ago and turns out the weather is being very mild hovering around -2 to +5. It hasnt been snowing much either so the roads are pretty clear and dry. Im wondering if this is just going to ruin my tires? It may snow again who knows but with this mild winter weather i dont wanna ruin my tires and have bought them for nothing. Also how long should i expect my winters to last? They are uniroyal ice and snow II. I only do about 6000km give or take in the winter. Thanks all.
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You will be fine. Your average road use in the winter, even on dry pavement won't wear them too much. Just make sure to take them off before the temps get warm. On my 4th year with my general arctics, and I drive about 6,000 mi/9600km per winter, most of the time its dry pavement. We want winter tires for those times when it does snow or get slippery, so we gotta have them on sometimes when its not. Don't worry.
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