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Wondering if any other kayaker's out there have a swear by system to use?

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I have a 2012 Chevy Cruze Eco, and I am buying a kayak. Is there any particular product you recommend for transporting? The kayak is 12.5 feet. Also, do you have some after market stuff installed that you swear by?
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following this thread, as I have a similar idea. I think most are using the roof racks. I'd be interested in where they tie the bow and stern to on the underside of the car.

Most boats sold in my state are 10' as anything over 10' requires a water registration permit. A 12 foot sea kayak on top of a cruze. I'd suspect the front and back would need stability lines on something of that length.
Rhino Rack's Aero line of roof racks worked well for me and my kayak. Of course while I was driving it kinda just hanged over the front of the car with the little handle just dangling there. The roof rack has rubber pads on top and with the kayak upside down I had no issues on the highway just tying the kayak tightly to the rack itself and not under the hood or bumper.

Roof Rack w/ kayak

Roof Rack w/o Kayak
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