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Thanks for your help, I'm gonna test it out today just in case it is actually the problem, I did in fact change my cabin air filter 2 weeks ago about but the noise started 2-3 days ago, just curious I here the noise regardless if the ac is on or not would it matter?

if I have my windows up I dont hear the clickling sound or metal rubbing sound, once I put my windows down I here it and if I pass by a wall or cars it gets even louder, but only upon accelerating if I press the brakes the noise is gone or if I'm parked ect..
Hi there Jesse.moreira06,

Sorry to hear about this ticking noise you're experiencing with your Cruze! I understand you're seeking advice from forum members, however, if you decide to take it into the dealership for a diagnosis, please let me know and I'd be happy to help.

Have a great day,

Chelsea D.
Chevrolet Customer Care
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