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For these kind of noises have to block the vehicle up, run the engine while I am underneath. Another method on a quiet road, is to ride my bike along side of it.

Daughter called her daddy with a ticking sound coming from her front wheels, her dealer said both her front hub bearings were bad, 600 bucks to replace them. First question was, do they click all the time or are they erratic, said erratic, bring that thing home. Was small stones stuck between the rotor shield and the rotor. Used a hack saw blade to knock those out, checked the hubs, nice and smooth.

Another problem with the Cruze are those crazy pad holders with clips on them corrosion builds up between those clips and the brackets and causes the pads to drag, also erratic until they seal tight than cook your rotors.

Also problems with the blower motor and nothing to do with the filter, well above the blower wheel, problem was the wheel was too close to that plastic shroud above it, had to remove the blower motor and put washers between that bracket and where it sealed, glued them on so they wouldn't fall out. Gave about 1.5mm more clearance and solved that annoying problem.

Look for the simple stuff first.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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