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2012 Cruze Eco
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Hi all,
I bought a '12 Eco 6MT about a week ago, and have been going through the forum to research common issues and fixes. The previous owner had all the PCV and coolant issues addressed already, although the PCV was solved with Dorman parts. We'll see if the updated intake manifold holds the little check valve in place like Dorman says...
I do have a fix kit v3.4 on the way.

Anyhoo, other items that I've found and am in the process of fixing:
  • defrost not working
  • rear trunk latch switch
  • turbo oil supply line
  • actual spare tire instead of the can of goo and mini compressor
  • extra o-rings on hand for the coolant cap.

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who posted solutions. Aside from those things, which I consider pretty minor, my new-to-me commuter car is fun and comfortable. If I get a couple years out of her the gas money and wear and tear saved on my pickup will more than make up the purchase price.

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That defrost one and the inevitable oil cooler are not fun ones, but for the most part, they are pretty easy cars to fix!

Welcome to the forum and hope the car treats you well!
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