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Wrong bracket for Turbo?

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Hello all. I'm looking for advice, have a few questions, etc..

First, a little history... I have a 2011 ECO with manual transmission. It has been parked for several months due to financial problems and i Have started working on it to get it running agan. It has three main problems:

1. - The radiator is "busted".

2. - There is an oil leak,

3. - The bracket on the turbo is missing, which causes seperation and therefore "noise' and some performance problems.

I have a new radiator and have begun installation. I am at the point where I am ready to actually install the new radiator, attach it to the fan shroud, etc. So, all is good (or will be soon) with #1.

For the oil leak, I purchased a new Oil Feed Line for the Turbo (the one with the Banjo bolt). This is where my leak is coming from and evidently is a common problem. I have the old one off and I am ready to instal it. That will solce my #2 problem.

This brings us to the missing bracket.... The bracket that I am missing is the bracket that is right beside (within a few millimeters) of the banjo bolt on the Oil Feed Line. (I have no idea where the old one went. I suspect the mechinic I took it to years ago didn't get it on good and it fell off. Or, perhaps never put it back on and just sealed the connection some other way?) Before the radiator problem, I drove the vehicle a couple of months without that bracket. For most of that time, I thought the sound was just a hole in the exhaust. Finally, a mechanic friend pointed out the missing bracket. It wasn't long after this that the radiator went and I just parked it for a long time. During most of that time, I just assumed I would have to buy a new Turbo. Once my finances improved, I bought the new Radiator, Oil Feed Line and realized (or so I thought/think/ that the bracket I need, is actually the same bracket that attaches the turbo to the intake manifold (Part #55565351), so I also ordered that bracket.... Of course, it can't be that easy. That clamp/bracket doen't fit "tight" enough to seal the connection, the circumference/length of the bracket is about 1/2 inch (possibly a whole inch) too long. On top of that, the only way I have enough clearance to screw the banjo bolt in (from the oil feed line) is to position the bracket exactly so the part that connects the two "halves" of the bracket together is right where the banjo bracket screws in (which isn't a huge problem, I'm just mentioning it).

So, either the bracket I bought was just the wrng bracket, OR.... something else I noticed is the Part # on the bracket doesn't match the part number on the other bracket (the one that attaches the turbo to the intake manifold). This is when I realized I was either sent the wrong Part or I ordered the wrong one. I checked the bag that it came in (it came in a GM in United Kingdom...bag). The part number on the bag is 55565351 (which is the part number I ordered from an Amazon reseller, whom I am going to email shortly!). Although, the part number on the bracket is 25194425, of course its possible that is just the new part # (or the "UK" part #) and that is what I am going to ask the reseller. The bracket I received looks eactly like the other one, but that really isn't the problem, its the "length" of the part. I suppose there could be another part that goes between the bracket and the turbo? Some sort of gasket, O-Ring or a plastic/rubber clamp? Just about anythiing that would fill the "half inch or so gap" that is left after tightening the clamp completely down (so the two "tabs" a mashed together).

So...this is where the advice part comes in.... I am leaing toward leaving the clamp on (of course, it doesn't prevent the seperatiion of the turbo and most likely the noise, but I think its better than nothing), installing the new "oil feed pipe" and radiator and put it all back together and just drive it...until I can find the right part, get a new turbo, etc. I really don't think that will "hurt" anything and my wife and I can really use the extra vehicle! I suppose the main thing preventing me from this is the fact that it is much easier to work on that area of the car/engine with the front bumper off and the radiator and fan out of the way.

Hopefully, someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong with the clamp. Do I have the wrong part? Did they just send the wrong part? Or, am I just missing something else that goes between the clamp and the turbo? Can I "make" or use something bewtween the clamp and turbo to help hold the seal together? (At least until I get the right clamp or get a new Turbo?)

Sorry this turned into such a long message. My mechanic experience is very limited, but being a "software developer" for 30+ years, I'm pretty good at "problem solving". :) Any and All advice is much appreciated!

Thank you!
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