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Wrong Spark Plug Gaps from Factory?

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Hey guys, so I recently got a 2012 1.4 LT with about 60k miles and I decided I would be proactive and do basic maintenance (since the dealership didn't). One of the planned jobs was to replace the spark plugs. I read that GM's recommended plug gap was .28 but I was surprised when I pulled the old ones out and saw that they were around .20-.21

Has anybody else noticed this? Even the new ones I bought (ACDelco) that were supposed to be pre-gapped were at about the same range, one of which was even lower .18+-. Was I wrong to gap them to the recommended .28? Why would GM have recommended a larger gap than they were using?
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Yeah .028" is correct. Should drive noticeably better - pickup is just terrible at those low gaps.

There was a massive thread here at some point about undergapped plugs from the factory. Basically GM specced the gap to the plug manufacturer (or told them the wrong number, idk), and they failed to deliver.
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