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Wtb: spare tire kit

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Hi, everyone. I have a 2014 eco manual. I'd like to find a spare tire kit for it. Thanks.
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Follow the "GM Spare Tire" link in my signature to get to the instructions. The parts list is correct, but GM may have changed the part numbers since I put the list together. Welcome to CruzeTalk.
Thanks, I've seen your post. That still sets me back several hundred bucks. I was hoping to maybe find a kit someone had, perhaps from a wrecked car or other source.
If no one has one, I'll have to buy the kit new.
I live in Washington state near Seattle, BTW, in case there's anyone local.
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Any of the gas trims sitting in a pick-n-pull style junk yard will do the job for you.
There are a few new kits on ebay for $199 shipped.
Thanks! They don't look to be as complete as the parts list posted by obermd, but it looks like a good place to start.
I just think $550 is an insane price to pay for a spare tire kit.
I went on the pick n pull website and they had no cruzes listed BTW. At least locally.
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