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It seems like on a daily basis I am finding new rock chips or some issue where I have to use a touch up pen. I am so freaking aggravated. Unfortunately the touch up pen I have is slightly different than the actual red of my car. I need a good reference for Pull Me Over red. Also, is anyone else having this issue?
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what year is your cruze? I remember there was a post about a TSB for stone chipping here
I have 3M on mine, so it hasn't been bad for rock chips. To fix rock chips, I find this stuff called "Dr. Colour Chip" works the absolute best. It's actually colour matched to the car and it comes with a reducer so that the touch up paint is level with the rest of the paint. My dad first used it on his Acura TL and when I saw it afterwards, I actually though he'd had the hood painted. Here's a link to the website. Dr. ColorChip Automotive Paint Chip Repair Kit - Dr. ColorChip: Automotive Paint Chip Repair Systems
It's a 2015. I will def look that paint up because the stuff I have now is awful!
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