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My philosophy is that great sound quality should not cost a fortune, and that you can achieve excellent results without spending large amounts of money if you have a good design. This products offered on in this thread are intended to help you achieve great results in your car without breaking the bank. My advice and expertise is, as always, free of charge. I will keep an active list of the products I have in stock at the bottom of this page.

Custom Subwoofer Boxes/Enclosures

I charge a flat rate for most custom subwoofer enclosures:
Single 10"-12": $195 + Shipping
Dual 10"-12": $225 + Shipping

Anything outside of those categories will be quoted on a case by case basis. Shipping is expected to cost $40-$75, depending on location. Please see the following thread for more additional information and free design services: All subwoofer boxes are made to order and are designed specifically around the subwoofer being used, the music it is intended to play, and your specific system goals.

Custom Fiberglass Enclosures

See this thread for more information:

Speaker Adapters/Baffles

Currently, the only options I am aware of for speaker adapters are the flimsy plastic ones you can buy from Scoche or other manufacturers. I make custom MDF speaker adapters/baffles at a rate of $65 shipped per pair. This price includes 4 strips of gasket tape for sealing the adapter to the door and the speaker to the adapter, 12 self-drilling sheet metal screws for mounting the adapter to the door, and 12 coarse thread, pan head black screws for mounting the speakers. If you order a pair of baffles and a subwoofer enclosure, I will knock $10 off of the price as I will no longer need to pay for shipping separately.

Be advised that you will need to have a drill to make full-size holes for the sheet metal screws to pass through and pilot holes for the speaker screws. The sheet metal screws will leave holes in your door should you decide to remove them. Some have expressed concerns related to moisture with my baffles. My method of minimizing the risk of water damage is to coat them with a 60/40 mixture of wood glue and water. Once dried, this creates a fairly good seal. All baffles are made to order and will be created specifically for the cutout diameter of the driver you are using. The tolerances are very close!

XtremeRevolution's Subwoofer Kits

Due to very high demand for subwoofers and enclosures that require minimal install effort and have minimal space requirements, I've decided to offer complete kits. Pictures will be posted soon.

8" SQ Kit: $370 + Shipping
This kit includes:
  • Tang Band 8" High Excursion Neodymium subwoofer mounted into:
  • A handmade enclosure, carpeted to match the Cruze trunk. External dimensions are 10" H x 11.5" W x 10" D (0.35 cubic feet internal). Custom dimensions are available.
  • A Massive Audio NX2 compact amplifier.
This kit is designed to add accurate, musical bass to your Cruze without sounding boomy, distorted, or overbearing. It is primarily designed for natural, dynamic bass recorded before 1999, although it will also play synthetic bass (rap, dubstep, etc.) on occasion. It is designed to blend with your front speakers to fill in the 20hz-100hz spectrum with tight, tonally accurate bass. This kit is not designed to rattle your mirrors or produce excessively loud volumes. If you just want some high quality bass presence in your car without breaking the bank, this kit is for you.

Dual 8" SQ Kit: $530 + Shipping
This kit includes:
  • 2 Tang Band 8" High Excursion Neodymium subwoofers mounted into:
  • A handmade enclosure with an internal brace, carpeted to match the Cruze trunk. External dimensions are 18" H x 11.5" W x 10.5" D (~0.73 cubic feet internal). Custom dimensions are available.
  • A Massive Audio N2 compact amplifier.
This kit is designed around the same sound quality and musical goals as the system above, but with a higher output capability. It is designed to be installed vertically and mounted to the support beam that sits behind the rear seats. In this format, it uses only a 11.5" x 10.5" footprint while providing merely 8% less output than a decent 12" subwoofer such as the 12" Alpine Type-R (in a sealed alignment). Since space on top of a subwoofer enclosure is rarely utilized, this has roughly the same footprint as the single 8" box, with twice the output. If you are looking for a higher output subwoofer kit that uses very little actual trunk space while providing excellent sound quality, this kit is for you.

8" "SQL" Kit: $490 + Shipping
This kit includes:
  • Tang Band 8" High Excursion Neodymium subwoofer mounted into:
  • A handmade enclosure with an internal brace and a double flared "aero" port. External dimensions are 10" H x 22" W x 8" D (~0.56 cubic feet internal).
  • A Massive Audio N3 compact amplifier
This is similar to the single 8" SQ kit, but with some extra emphasis on the bottom end of the bass spectrum for the deep synthetic bass notes you find in rap and dubstep. In more technical terms, output is about 65-90% higher from 25hz to 55hz. It is more suitable for those kinds of music, but will still play all other types of music accurately and smoothly. If you listen primarily to newer music (post 1999) with lots of synthetic bass such as rap and dubstep, this is the kit for you. This kit will also add extra depth to some pop and country. If you listen primiarly to music recorded before 1999, I would recommend one of the SQ kits. Do not confuse this kit with a "boomy" bass kit, as it is very carefully designed for sound quality and output in mind. This will sound tigheter and more accurate than some sealed enclosure subwoofers.

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Assuming trunk space isn't a concern, what are the benefits of jumping up to a 10 or 12" sub? (I like the idea of buying the sub/box/amp already configured and ready to be plugged in)
Higher efficiency, lower distortion (through requiring less excursion for a given power level), better low frequency extension below 50hz (depends on the sub of course), more total output.

The size difference is quite minimal really since I can just make the box taller. Not like you'll put anything on top of it otherwise.

I can create a preconfigured kit for any sub/amp/enclosure combination or design.

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So for ~$500 it would be silly to buy anything other than your kits?
1 - 2 of 80 Posts
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