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The Product:

The quality of craftsmanship is outstanding. The soldered connections are impressive and very well sealed. I'm willing to bet you could tow a truck with them. There is plenty excess wire so you have just the right amount of slack. Overall, the product itself is very high-end.

The Benefit:

This kit is a must do for anybody, especially those of whom have anything added on that consumes power. I have dual Viair 444c Compressors and a fully rebuilt stereo and my voltage drops are virtually nonexistent anymore. I'm now seeing a steady 14.7-15.1V reading on my ultragauges with both compressors running on 100% duty cycle and my stereo on full volume. It also seems to have helped a little with the pre-existing popcorn start issue (it must be electrical).

The Install:

This install was very simple and took me around 15 minutes from start to finish. Anybody who has any mechanical inclination at all should be able to do this with ease.

I would recommend this kit to anyone and everyone.
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