$310 shipped UPS.

For sale is a ZZP Cruze Cold Air Intake. It is new and was purchased a few months ago, can provide receipt if needed. I decided to go a different direction for my intake needs on my Cruze. I did install an air straightener to help with MAF tuning.

More details about this part here:

This is our revised 1.4L Cold Air Intake. It comes with everything pictured, it will replace your OEM air box with a complete replacement high flow unit. The sound from the bypass valve will be very noticeable with this intake. It will make about 12hp on the stock computer because it leans out the AFR and bumps the boost, but going from a tuned computer to the tuned computer with this intake it will give you about 5-6hp. This intake comes with an air box (heat shield) so you are only drawing in cool air.
For builds in excess of 250whp, the insert can be removed to add more MAF frequency range for tuning.
Durable powder coat finish.

Install instructions: https://zzpstorage.s3.amazonaws.com/instructions/Cruze+Cold+Air+Intake+Install+Instructions+2022.pdf