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ZZP high flow intake, spacer removed lean, honeycomb test

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Post is for folks thinking about removing the spacer and the impact I am seeing on my vehicle.

After removing the plastic spacer insert from the ZZP Cruze High Flow Intake, I have noted very lean fuel trims, LTFT as high as +25 and changed my WOT fuel significantly, danger zone 0.84-0.88 lambda, knocking like crazy. You can see the stock air box has a plastic mesh just before the stock MAF, open area in the mesh pattern does not look flow friendly by the way as it is made from plastic. I adjusted the MAF tables to compensate, but since I have been running the stock MAF cal even after a DP/MP and 42lb giants, I am going to try to add a flow straightener so I can get back to the stock MAF cal (which would help prove the straightener bodes well with ZZP Cruze intake).

I have ordered this AL honeycomb, stay tuned to see if this helps, I'll revert back to the tune I was running with the stock box and see what happens to the trims with the honeycomb installed this time. Any thoughts on this situation?
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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