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ZZP Performance 1.4 Bypass valve spring

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Hey guys i just wanted to let you know that as of now i replaced the stock spring in my 1.4 and i have to admit it sounds way better then before. i also have an AEM air intake in it so that also helps it sound better. before the spring swap it was still pretty quiet. i do recommend having a buddy to help you since when it's time to put the spring in home you can have them hold it in position while you screw it in place. this is not a performance mod but just something to help make driving more fun. just so you know the gold spring is the zzperformance spring. they look the same but it felt a little stiffer then the stock one
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I’ve had mine for a week but still haven’t installed it. How noticeable is it? I also have an intake, does it make the blowoff on the intake louder?
so i have an AEM intake and it sounds a little better then with the stock spring. no performance gain but i do feel like it sounds more agressive.
Nice, gotta install mine. I tried but couldn’t get to the screws so I just gave up. Gonna try to take the intake out then try to get to them.
so i recommend having a buddy with you since taking out the spring is easy but putting it back isn't lol. so the tool that really helped me out was a flex extender. it lets you bend it what ever way you need to. if you also go to youtube you can check out how to change your blow off valve. and look for a video that has a green sonic on it. that tells you how to do it. i did mine with my intake on it
Thanks for the reply, another question, did you take out the whole thing and take off the vacuum line or can you just pull it back and replace the spring without removing the whole thing?
I have one also, just haven't installed it yet.I also have a Forge Wastegate Actuator to be installed as well.
That Wastegate actuator makes a big difference. It made a bigger difference than the catless downpipe I had. Holds about 22 pounds of boost consistently.
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So I installed the spring earlier with a friend and it was a pain, took like one hour. The intake sounds way nicer but the weird thing is that I barely peak 20 pounds of boost anymore. I used to hit 20-22 consistently. Also did a 0-60 and got 6.7 seconds.
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