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Five8 Industries Installation log

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Hey guys, I'll be installing my Five8 Industries coil-overs soon and I'm wondering if there would be anything specific you'd like to see or know about regarding the install.

I'll be doing this by myself with my limited tool, but I'm sure I'll be fine doing so, I already swapped the front struts with another factory set but with lowering springs pre-installed and the rear is easy peasy.

I'm willing to go as in-depth as my knowledge allows me to show anything. I won't bust out the DSLR, but I can def take good log pictures of anything specific from removal down to install and adjustment.

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So, kit contents

2x Rear Adjustable Shock
2x Rear Adjustable Springs
2x Front Adjustable Strut assemblies
2x Adjustable sway bar end links
2x Spring washers?
2x wrenches for adjusting height and locking
License plate frame
2x white vinyl die cut stickers
1x holographic sticker (approx 1"x1")
Warranty card
Preload instructions
Company profile card

Where do these spring washers go? Anyone know?
I was wondering the same thing. Again, poor instructions included with this kit.

Thanks to Tyler at ZZPerformances video on youtube, I know how to set up the rear now. (y) :cool:
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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